How Blogging Can Land You More Accountancy Clients

Five ways in which having a blog on your accountancy website can bring you more clients.

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No doubt you’ve heard everyone and their mother harp on about blogging for the last few years, so I won’t bore you with a long-winded definition of what blogging is.

Though a personal blog is often full of scattered content, business blogs have to remain focused on their one clear objective: to land you more clients.

Without further ado, here are the five main ways blogging can land you more accountancy clients:

1) You’ll Increase the Scale of Your Website

Simply put, the more pages your website has, the better chance you have of being found on Google. This is, in my opinion, one of the most underrated benefits of starting a business blog.

All things being equal, if you didn’t employ any other marketing tactic on your website over the course of a year but keep blogging once a week throughout, you’ll find your website traffic to have increased significantly at the end of the twelve months due to the extra 52 pages you’ve added to your website.

More traffic means more eyeballs on your website. More eyeballs means more clients.

2) You’re Seen as an Expert

 You know you’re an expert accountant, but a potential client who comes across your website for the first time is always going to be sceptical.

When this potential client clicks through to your blog (a link that should be prominently placed in your navigation bar) they’ll see page after page of blog posts on a range of different accountancy topics.

When they click on a couple of them they’ll find the content of your posts to be just as good as the headlines suggested. Soon enough they’ll be making notes, adding themselves to your email list (see point five), and pointing all their business-owner friends in your direction…

3) You’ll Reach a Larger Network of Business Owners

Informative, well-written blog posts will be shared by your current and potential customers with their business-owner friends.

 There is no easier way to gain a referral than having one of your satisfied customers send a link to one of your blog posts to their friends – especially if they know their friend is currently in the market for an accountant (and this is the exact type of person they will send your posts to).

Not only does this carry the endorsement of their trusted friend – it also allows the recipient to instantly trust your work and knowledge as a result.

4) You Can ‘Tease’ Your Services

Your blog posts should all relate, in some way or another, to one of the core services you provide; such as accounting, bookkeeping, or payroll services.

For example, a blog post talking about how to place new employees on the company payroll can be accompanied by a link to your main website payroll page, with a call to action (CTA) telling the reader how to get in touch with you should they need any help with their own specific payroll issue.

 When you tease your accountancy services in this way not only will you be establishing yourself in their mind as the expert you are (point two), they’ll also think to themselves “If they’re willing to give all this information away for free, how fantastic must their paid services be?”

5) You Can MASSIVELY Increase Your Email List

When a potential accountancy client visits your website for the first time they’ll do one of three things:

  1. Contact you directly.
  2. Leave.
  3. Sign up to your email list.

In an ideal world, every potential client that lands on your website will instantly pick up the phone and give you a call. Some, however, will just be browsing for an accountant to scout out their future options if they’re looking to start a new business, or simply move away from their current accountancy firm.

 If you don’t currently have a blog, you’re reducing their three options down to two. Unless a potential accountancy client needs to speak with an expert accountant this very second (wouldn’t it be great if all clients worked this way), they will leave your website, possibly forever.

When you have a blog offering well-written posts on content relevant to your target audience, potential clients who aren’t ready to contact you today, but are still interested in your services, will sign up to your email list before leaving your website.

 When it does become the right time for any one of the people on your email list to hire an accountant, you will instantly come to mind if you’ve been consistent in sending them a monthly newsletter and links to your new blog posts.

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