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To read the copy, and a full testimonial from owner Shaun, click on the image above.

When Tax-Sorted came to me they already had a good offer in place; the promise that if they couldn’t find any extra tax savings, they would do your next accounts for free.

However, the offer itself was hard to come by, hidden on an obscure inner page and not mentioned at all on the homepage.

I decided to make their offer the champion of their website, bringing forward both their promise and a collection of testimonials onto the homepage so, despite its length, potential customers couldn’t help but keep reading until the end.

I’ve just had the pleasure of employing Honest Copy for help in tweaking my website copy. Leaving it in their hands I was surprised how they just got on with it and came up with some fresh new copy for my site!

— Shaun McGuinness, Tax-Sorted

Moonlite Accounts

To read the copy, and a full testimonial from owner Paul, click on the image above.

Moonlite Accounts approached me requiring a full copy refresh; out with the old, in with the new.

To do this, I wanted to keep the homepage copy short so it would waste no time in encouraging the reader to click through to the service tab that best represented their needs.

Tailoring paragraphs to meet keywords, I am of no doubt we will soon gain better search engine results. We would recommend Honest Copy for all your financial copywriting needs.

— Paul, Moonlite Accounts

Braken Chartered Accountants

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Braken Chartered Accountants represented a significant job; with a total rewrite required of twelve content pages, as well as a new concept required for the new homepage, a homepage which would then have to be rewritten five times, focusing on different localised keyphrases for each.

Totalling over 5,000 words of content, I approached this job with a focus on the value Braken provide to their clients, with lines such as “our philosophy is so long as we’re providing value to all our new and existing clients, we won’t have to worry about where our next client will come from.”


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BizNav had one main requirement; a new homepage. Despite having a full services page, as well as a number of other content pages on their site, their homepage was in dire need of a spruce up.

Because their previous homepage had been very short, I didn’t want to go too far in the opposite direction, as clearly the short and snappy approach had been working for them so far. For this reason, I wrote a new, short homepage that followed on their ‘navigation’ theme, listing some of the services they offer while continually directing readers towards the free consultation offer.


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Instructability, a provider of bookkeeping and accountancy courses across South Africa, required new copy for the homepage of their website which, in under three-hundred words, needed to explain their courses in the clearest possible light.

To do this I needed to touch upon a number of points, namely; the courses they offer, how they will benefit the reader above and beyond all other bookkeeping and accountancy courses in the short term, how taking these courses will benefit their career in the long term, and what makes Instructability qualified to teach these courses to them.

Other Work

I’ve also written for a number of banks and financial institutions (and agencies on their behalf) for their blogs and other content creation efforts, including: