Your Process

Your entire process laid out step-by-step, from the moment you contact me to the minute I deliver your work.

When you choose to contact me I’ll reply to your email (or arrange a phone call) and we’ll discuss the general needs of your project. This could range anywhere from whether you need a complete copy re-write or just a new batch of blog posts (or anything in between).

Next, I’ll send over a copywriting agreement consisting of the brief (specific information about the work I’m going to do for you), the deadlines (the exact dates that I’ll deliver drafts of my work), and a fixed quote for the work to be done.

And then you can relax!

During this time I’ll craft each piece of copy detailed in our agreement. Once complete, I’ll send them over to you for review.

When you review my work you’ll probably do one of two things:

  1. Jump up and down with joy at the work I’ve created for you, or
  2. All of the above, while requesting I change a couple of lines here and there (I’m happy to provide two rounds of changes, if required).

Once you’ve approved my changes I’ll invoice you the remainder of my quote and sign over the copyright of my work to you. Then I’ll make myself a nice cup of tea (Yorkshire) as reward for a job well done.

Contact Me

The easiest way to contact me about your financial copywriting project is to email any time, or use this form to get in touch with me directly.